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Deeply Integrated human Single-Cell Omics data

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DISCOtoolkit is an python package that allows users to access data and use the tools provided by the DISCO database. It provides the following functions:

  • Filter and download DISCO data based on sample metadata and cell type information
  • CELLiD: cell type annotation
  • scEnrichment: geneset enrichment using DISCO DEGs

Dependency Requirements:

  • Numpy >= 1.21.6
  • Pandas >= 1.4.2
  • Scanpy >= 1.9.3
  • Scipy >= 1.8.0
  • joblib >= 1.1.0
  • pandarallel >= 1.6.5

Minimal installation:

The DISCOtoolkit can be easily installed in the current Python environment using pip:

pip install discotoolkit

Installation guide:

we recommend to install miniconda first and install discotoolkit in virtual env

conda create --name disco python=3.8
conda activate disco
conda install ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user --name disco --display-name "disco"
python -m pip install discotoolkit


Please add -U parameter to pip to install the latest version. pip install -U discotoolkit

Basic Usage

Example in Jupyter notebook.


Please select disco as the kernel for running the jupyter notebook

Filter and download DISCO data

Cell Type Annotation using CELLiD



  1. Li, Mengwei, et al. "DISCO: a database of Deeply Integrated human Single-Cell Omics data." Nucleic acids research 50.D1 (2022): D596-D602.

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